The Suicide Squad

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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This is a comic book masterpiece (even though I hate the word "masterpiece).

Director James Gunn knew how to craft a crazy movie with a weird story of super-villains attempting to kill a star fish. I was tad upset for some characters who died like Boomerang, he just got a clean refurbishment and he went off like that. Flag was the absolute best and didn't deserve to go out too. I get that we cannot have a movie like that without some members dying.

Bloodsport was badass, his character narrative kind of felt like it was written for Deadshot. Harley Quinn was amazing as always. Margot Robbie knew how to embody this character. I loved how she wasn't made a dumb tone-deaf insane blond white lunatic character like in the 2016 movie. Gunn seems to have developed the character well from Quinn's iteration in Birds of Prey. Ratcatcher was the star of this film. I didn't know rats, as disgusting and scary as they are, could be this cute.

This movie deserves box office success. I'm upset by how bad it's performing.