Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

Tom Clancy's Without Remorse ★★

This movie felt like a revengeful movie that we have all watched before. The only thing in such cases we look forward to, is the acting, action sequences, fighting choreography, and how intense some level-headed scenes are.

I personally find Michael B Jordan's acting average. He is unable to give off that 'vengeance...seeking' husband and father-to-be. With that said, a couple of people show brought their A-Game to the game. One, in particular, is Jodie Turner-Smith - she was amazing and owned her scenes.

There were few great moments, when they went to Russia and attempted to escaped that building where they were being shot at. I loved this to an extend, despite a lot of Jordan's deliveries not landing. There were a couple of scenes where he would confront people and his actions would not only be cringy but super flat and terribly directed. They killed Luke Mitchell's character too early in the movie and he is a much better actor, I think continuing to have him would have balanced the characters.

The storytelling was all over the place, and too cliche.