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  • Anything for Jackson

    Anything for Jackson


    Fantastic premise, great characters, and wonderful lead performances go a long way toward elevating this low-budget horror indie above most of its peers. Helps that it has a couple of really effective scares (floss!) and just the right amount of humor as well. Execution isn't anything too special, and the third act feels weirdly flat, but when you nail the essentials as well as they do here, much of that can be forgiven.

  • The Mortuary Collection

    The Mortuary Collection


    Stylish, gory, and fun horror anthology that channels Amblin, Raimi, and Wright, amongst others. Clancy Brown is fantastic as a Tall Man-esque Cryptkeeper type, the wraparound segment rules, and the stories are all at least good, with each one arguably improving on the one that came before. This should absolutely be a calling card film for first-time feature director Spindell.

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  • Arrival



    How I imagine the producers pitched this to Villeneuve:

    VILLENEUVE: I dunno, this seems sort of hopeful and uplifting. I prefer dark stories about serial killers and drug runners. I don't really see why you came to me, to be honest.

    PRODUCERS: Did we mention there's a giant spider creature thing?


    (This joke for the thirty people who saw ENEMY).

  • Us



    Pretty fucking great. Peele confirms he's got the goods. The UNBREAKABLE to GET OUT's 6th SENSE, this is a darker, less crowd-pleasing, weirder film than Peele's breakout. It's also scarier, funnier, and in many ways better, stuffed to the brim with memorable nightmare imagery. Plus, it has the benefit of a showstopping performance from Lupita Nyong'o -- the best horror lead performance since Toni Collette in HEREDITARY.

    It's true that the ideas aren't as cleanly presented as they were in…