Tomboy ★★★★½

This story is many things at once. You follow Laure/Mickaël, a gender nonconforming 10 year old child assigned female at birth. Their parents know them as the girl Laure. It's hard to know how to refer to this child. Céline Sciamma leaves the movie open to interpretation. Are you watching a rather tragic story of a trans boy who is being misgendered and mislabeled by nearly everyone in the story, including himself? Or are you watching the story of a young girl exploring her feelings of gender identity and expression? It's totally open to interpretation.

What I love about this so much is that it doesn't answer those questions. In a sense, all you can really say is that you are watching a childhood coming of age experience. Even without it's complex dynamics and themes of gender identity and expression, this is a beautiful and intimate story. The camerawork helps with this. Even on scenes like playing soccer, the camera stays up close and personal to its subjects, zoomed close to see the characters' expressions and feel their feelings. It is perhaps one of the best portrayals of a sibling relationship I've ever seen on film. The child actresses are so impressive! There's also intense parenting, friendship, and young love.

High 9/10. If you are interested in an intimate portrait of childhood gender identity and personal relationships, I cannot recommend this enough.

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