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  • Anna and the Apocalypse

    Anna and the Apocalypse


    Catchy tunes and inventive zombie killings abound in the first half of this Christmas set horror musical. It runs out of steam in the final third but this is still worth your time, some great gags in there as well. On the whole, good performances and chemistry between the majority of the cast with a couple of earworms that you'll be humming for days afterwards.

  • Alex Strangelove

    Alex Strangelove


    Netflix does "Love Simon" but not quite as well in this well-meaning but uneven effort. At times sweet, emotional and uplifting, with about 15 minutes of bawdy American Pie style set pieces thrown in. The performances are good on the whole, although David Doheny struggles to carry some of the required emotional weight at times. A worthwhile watch on the whole.

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  • I'll Never Forget My High School Friends

    I'll Never Forget My High School Friends


    Charming and surprisingly affecting, this is a relatable movie for those of us who can still remember what an upturn to life it is leaving behind those hometown friends. Good performances make this a really impressive debut feature length feature from Rizvi and Ashurov.

  • VFW



    The Expendables meets From Dusk Till Dawn in this grindhouse-esque 80s tribute. A slew of familiar faces (Stephen Lang; Martin Kove; William Sadler) play army veterans who have to defend their watering hole from waves of drug addled zombies. Plenty of inventive violence, gore and exploding heads throughout this one. A lot of fun.