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  • The Twentieth Century

    The Twentieth Century


    7.5 /10

    ... you know those nights where you'd planned on a night out with the boys & because it's suddenly gotten too cold, you've just felt the dreaded first nostril-twitches of the sniffles?

    So you decide to do the right thing & stay home as the responsible citizen you are & watch a movie instead ...  
    pity that the lsd tab you popped 1/2 an hour ago is just starting to kick in.

    ... trust me, THIS is the perfect movie for that exact scenario.
    Watch the trailer & tell me otherwise.

    From the 2021 Fantastic Film Festival [<-- link].

  • El Triste

    El Triste


    7 /10

    Some gorgeously eye-catching cinematography happening.

    Screened before 'Patrick' as part of the It's Fantastic Film Festival [<-- link].

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  • Invisible Life

    Invisible Life


    10 /10

    Everything about that restaurant scene ... the fish-tank.. totally floored me with reactive emotions.

    It's such a wonderfully slow-paced & visually beautiful movie, with some incredible performances.

    That the photography captures the tropical climate so perfectly, which in turn adds another unsaid reflective layer - not something seen too often, but when done as successfully as in this movie is simply jaw-dropping.

    PS: Director Karim Ainouz has listed his Top 10 Criterion Collection Movie List - it's an interesting & informative read.

  • A Foreign Affair

    A Foreign Affair


    7 /10

    <--- That poster is such a shocker.

    Highlight was the return of Melb Cinémathèque @ ACMI & seeing familiar faces once again after such a long time.

    A great idea to continue from when the Program suddenly shut-down due to Covid-19 Lockdown, though the packed cinema was confronting & that odour from the upstairs Gunk (popcorn) Cart is just disgusting.

    Let's go up to my apartment. It's only a few ruins away from here.

    Bombed out Berlin was gobsmacking with…