A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★★

“That was when they started screaming...”

First of all, probably one of the strongest openings I’ve ever seen in a film. I mean, I gave the first one five stars and dragged all my friends to an advanced premiere screening, and yet I STILL felt like the first 10 minutes of this movie reached into my brain and sunk its claws in against my will (even though I would’ve let it). Does that make sense? No. But holy shit it was incredible I’m reduced to gibberish. Near the end of the first sequence Harry turned to me and said “I knew they weren’t going to die but god did it feel like they would.” TENSION 👏 BUILDING 👏

Part II nails everything that the first part did with equally as much expertise, but with the added bonus of instant attachment to the main characters, and an advancement to a story we already knew. 

Also, SO MUCH MORE TERRIFYING. Those monsters will be sprinting towards me in my fucking nightmares. And they felt so much more present in this film, because none of the buildup from the first film was needed. We knew what they looked like, what they were capable of. So all Part II needed to do was thrust the audience balls deep into it. And it DID. 

You can’t shy away from the terror of this film, either, because it’s all in the sound. I can’t covertly cover my eyes while I’m pretending to still be cool and tough in front of my moviegoing companions. I just had to keep jerking and flinching in my seat like a pathetic little rag doll. And I loved every second.

I love movies. I love horror. Also, if you can do so safely, PLEASE WATCH RHIS IN THEATRES.

That’s all.