Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

“is it better to speak or to die”

i was asked really kinda recently why i love this film so much and when i answered i went on and on and on about it for about an hour. a crucial point that i left out was those words. one of the reasons i love this film so much is because it’s a rare occasion where the characters don’t have to reveal much for you to understand them fully. the entire film is about an unspoken thing that elio and oliver have between them, and even when it stops being unspoken, it’s still only hinted towards. this film is entirely un-stereotypical, it’s so unique to any other queer films i’ve seen before and it hit me a million times harder. 

this will always be one of my favourite films because this is a film where the passion behind it is fully in there for the audience to see, and not many projects can fully convey that.

also happy birthday, timothée chalamet x

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