Baby Driver

Baby Driver ★★★★★

My favorite Edgar Wright film (so far). One of the sleekest and most exhilarating opening scenes followed immediately by one of the best orchestrated one-take shots. This movie keeps the pedal all the way down the entire time for a musically energized visual rollercoaster unlike anything else out there. As always, Wright's kaleidoscope editing style keeps your heart pumping, filled with perfectly executed cuts on beat with the tracks and ingeniously constructed transitions that stick with the film's theme. Just like Baby's music does for him, the cinematography constantly keeps the movie in motion, infused with an endless amount of cleverly executed shots that constantly keeps the eyes of the viewer engaged. The acting, all very theater-esque by skillfully dancing along with the music, is fantastic across the board and every character's well-written uniqueness shines in every interaction with one another. The technical magic of the A-Side is enhanced even more when paired with B-Side's gripping script filled to the brim with white-knuckle sequences, a well-developed lead vocalist with a fascinating array of background musicians (or protagonist and side characters if you will), and an overall enthralling story. Baby Driver is a beautifully cinematic movie/music-video hybrid for the ages.

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