Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★★

There's various reasons I rate certain films 5/5. It could be because of it's emotional impact on me, or it's incredible technical feats, or just because I simply have so much fun watching it. With Blade Runner 2049, I rate it 5 stars because to me it is a perfect film. There isn't a single thing in this movie that I find anything less than extraordinary. It was, and still is, the pinnacle of theater viewing for me after seeing it on an IMAX screen, and in my experience so far it is also the pinnacle of home cinematic viewing.

On the surface, the script is a really solid tale of self discovery amidst intense sociopolitical conflict set in a fascinating futuristic landscape. Once you begin analyzing it deeper, however, it unravels into an incredibly rich philosophical piece in exploring, among many other things, what it really means to be human.

I consider the acting flawless across the board, and yes that includes Leto who I've seen some take issue with. However, I don't consider it flawless because it contains any oscar-worthy performances or anything of that sort (although Gosling is at the best I've seen him, and Ford gives a moving display as well), but because it is done so perfectly for each individual character. Every single actor and actress gives their role a certain uniqueness and realism, making it so easy to be constantly transported to that world, with no line delivery or action ever taking me out of that experience.

It's kind of ridiculous that it took Deakins crafting the best looking movie of all time to finally win his first Oscar, but BR2049 is indeed just that for me. There's no point in me discussing individual items regarding the cinematography because I feel they're all impeccable. Every single frame being a work of art also contributes to me loving the pacing of the film, as I excitedly soak up every colorful second I spend in that vibrant world. I love it so much so that I'm one of those who were hoping there'd be some progression with the rumors of the 4 hour cut. Equally stunning though, is the otherworldly talent shown by the vfx team. One of the few movies released recently where I am perpetually in awe, wondering how in the world they pulled off so many of the shots.

The soundtrack is a transcendental masterwork. It is the 1(b) to Interstellar's 1(a) position as my favorite soundtrack. 'Sea Wall' may be my favorite individual track of all time, and when heard in context with the scene it is a truly unbelievable audio-visual experience. To solidify that claim, it topped my Spotify decade wrapped song list for the 2010s.

I dont know how much longer Villeneuve will be making films, but I will cherish every moment he still is.

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