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  • Four Brothers


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  • Four Brothers

    Four Brothers


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    i remember watching this on FX way back in the day like ten years ago. Jack’s death scene scarred me for life and i never forgot it. decided to give it a watch ‘cuz i randomly popped on a certain podcast on it since it’s one of two Singleton joints that i’ve seen, and this one works for me! i’m a sucker for family crap, especially scrappy underdog family crap! a little messy here and there, especially in act three,…

  • Malignant



    what turns out to be an actually insanely interesting premise with some of the best live action body horror you’ll see in a modern studio horror just absolutely squandered on such a shitty, run-of-the-mill studio horror screenplay. what kept me interested in the first act was the camerawork, but it gets messier the more action there is, but Wan sure knows a thing or two about framing, goddamn! nevertheless, a real shame because Gabriel is one of the coolest horror villains i’ve seen in a long, long time.

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  • Vox Lux

    Vox Lux

    It’s only not my worst of the year because I’m a sucker for creative credits. Got super close to walking out of the theater when Natalie Portman’s character started pouring out all this “we live in a society” garbage dialog at her daughter in that god-awful accent. This film is perfect for people whose favorite movie is Enter the Void. I’ll raise it half a star if the point of this film was that I was supposed to hate every second of it.

  • Hereditary



    Here we go, baby!

    All you slags who were spouting about how A Quiet Place is a masterpiece because it had a “new” and “creative” idea better get your damn apologies ready. This film makes A Quiet Place look like a Roger Corman movie. Hereditary is nothing short of a godsend. A New Testament of horror sent down by the angels at A24, Toni the Baptist as their mouthpiece. 

    Finally a modern horror film that properly utilizes silence. The dead, chill…