Batman: Under the Red Hood ★★★

There is much to admire about Brandon Vietti's animated take on one of the most endearing mythologies in Batman canon, that of the Red Hood. The moniker has been adopted by many a villain over the years (no spoilers as to who takes the honours here) and is thus one of the most enjoyable reoccurrences in the Dark Knight franchise, though its mystery is not enough to carry Judd Winick's screenplay alone. It's no surprise therefore to find The Joker in the midst of chaos, with John DiMaggio's performance essentially being a fun but ultimately inferior homage to Mark Hamill's imperious work in the role. The remainder of the cast are more than solid but on a whole it was Christopher Drake's score that I found most satisfactory about Under the Red Hood, its stellar visuals aside. I haven't forayed into the DCU's animated filmography for many a year, and having thoroughly enjoyed the experience, will thus continue to ignore The Killing Joke's increasing number of critics until I get the opportunity to watch the Blu-Ray next week.