Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★½

I never really saw the magic in ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.  And this screening is not different.  I can get behind the cool factor of Snake Plissken because Kurt Russell is a fantastic anti-hero lead.  He’s B-movie, tough-as-crap, ass-kicking grouch.  Simply awesome to watch.  But most of the rest of the film doesn’t match Russell’s endgame despite an honest effort to make the most out its B-movie minimalism.

John Carpenter certainly has a fun energy, and the downing of Air Force One is a fun over-the-top B-movie catalyst for the film. However, on the ground as Snake tries to track down the president, one silly scene follows another.  The cleverness of the film’s fun Sci-fi concept (which I feel borrows as much from Corman as it does from Hitchcock) wanes as the script’s momentum is weighed down by goofy action scenes, awkward characters, and predictable scene-by-scene outcomes.

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