Inception ★★★★★

One of the busiest, most convoluted blockbusters ever.

Even if the viewer doesn't strictly buy into the brain-breaking hooey of the central concept, INCEPTION unfolds in with not just admirable but downright impressive exposition around crazy levels of details. Most of the first hour-and-a-half is akin to explaining how Section Breaks in Microsoft Word work. It's logical, but there's a ton to remember. It's all highly logical, but it'd be tricky to turn around and explain it to someone else.

Crossing the hurdle of explaining how all this dreamscaping works is one thing, but then the Nolan boys push the envelope further by burying a heist, a character-arc based in tragedy, an anti-gravity action sequence, and three levels of dream worlds where characters' ids and superegos run around with machine guns.

And in my view it works--beautifully with DiCaprio unleashing some desperate human grief and a curious central theme that spins and teases us right until that final magical frame, leaving us to not only absorb the beauty and exhilaration of the film, but challenging us to draw our own interpretations.

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