Bo Burnham: Make Happy ★★★★★

"I don't think that I can handle this right now."

i saw MAKE HAPPY in Portland over a year ago. during the show, a woman began filming and security tried to stop her but Bo stopped the show to say it was okay. he welcomed her to film it for personal use but asked her not to upload it because he doesn't want the show to be spoiled. bo burnham is a literal angel but i know he would hate me for saying that. 

now let's get personal, letterboxd!

bo has been a huge influence on me since i was 14 (6 years ago!). his comedy actually helped me through an extremely tough time (my freshman/sophomore years were SO BAD LOL i wanted to die SO BAD LOL). he inspired me to continue performing whenever i had doubts about my acting. i began to cope with my depression and anxiety using humor and i started to feel hopeful again. i've seen his first special, words words words, so many times that i have the whole set memorized. i've been so proud to watch him go from a teen youtuber to a successful comedian with his own TV show and a guest spot on parks and rec. MAKE HAPPY was so intelligent, satirical, overall incredible, and so worth the 3 hour bus ride i had to take to get back to college at 7 AM the morning after i went to the show.

anyway, i've been waiting over a year to be able to see this show again and it's every bit as good as i remembered it being; it's actually my favorite special by far. 

thank you so much, bo. ❤️

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