Claire's Knee ★★★★½

the story of an older man lusting after teens is an icky and taboo subject that's almost always mishandled, and, arguably, doesn't need to be told, but rohmer explores it with an unthinkable elegance. his definitive knack for dialogue translates the inexplicable into the explicable, pinning down the intricacies of desire's quicksilver nature: a flame that can be ignited and snuffed in the same heartbeat.

i was especially struck by laura –– she's infinitely more of an interesting, intelligent, complex, and compelling character than claire (and also easily the better actress), but it's the latter who is the object of jerome's misplaced desire, precisely because she doesn't want him like laura does. GOD, isn't that frustrating!!! would've loved to have seen this story play out from her perspective, which would basically just be Call Me By Your Name if the love were unrequited, i guess. not to pit women against each other but ... justice for brunettes with personality ... we are no match for the normie blondes ...

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