Coco ★★★★½

Drenched in vibrant violet and singed sienna, the world of Coco is a visual feast. Not only that, it touches on topical political themes such as the unjust rigidity of Mexican border control in a way that never seems heavy-handed. Sure, it's a bit depressing that the evils of the real world have seeped into a film aimed at children, but it's important to remember that art is inherently political, even if we don't necessarily want it to be. It's a tool of revolution, it has the potential to give a voice to the voiceless. I so admire the filmmakers for not shying away from the chance to make such a progressive statement.

Though Coco does hit a few of the same notes that previous Pixar films have, especially some plot points with the antagonist, the film remains an essential piece of cultural storytelling that has been long overdue for Mexican audiences. But at least it's arrived at a pitch-perfect time.

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