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The Official ROBsessed Thirst-Watching Guide

in that infamous robert pattinson reddit ama, he claims his favorite line he’s said on film is, “don’t be confused, it’s just gonna make it worse for me.” didn’t notice that line on first watch, but on rewatch its gravity was unmistakable, completely centering and solidifying Connie's egocentric perspective.

Connie Nikas is, to me, a 21st century Nicky Godelin from Elaine May’s Mikey & Nicky, especially considering the Safdies have cited that film as a major influence. he’s so cool, so arresting that you’re forced to do whatever he says, even if you don’t know why you’re doing it. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: hot people make us STUPID!!

i think the Mikey & Nicky comparison is especially apt in regards to the scene where Connie kisses an underage girl to distract her from his mugshot on the TV news — all he had to do was kiss her for a moment, but he goes farther than that, taking her to her bed to full on horizontal make out. it’s reminiscent of the scene in Mikey & Nicky where Nicky goes way too far when kissing his mistress, even after she begs him to stop. it’s awful to watch, and it pushes the character over the Bad Threshold and into the straight up Evil Narcissist Zone. and yet ... we are still compelled to follow him! that's insanely hard to pull off, which is why rob is so perfectly cast here. ok, now lemme wrap this up because none of this has anything to do with the thirst-watching guide you're here for!

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✩ -- 4/5

hotness transcends the corporeal. what makes rob hot in Good Time isn’t his bleached blonde hair or his little diamond stud earring or his Ecko Unlimited e-boy fit ... it’s talent, charisma, raw flammable energy, the way he absolutely COMMANDS each and every neon-soaked close-up. it's his manic, rushed line deliveries and the desperation in his ever-shifting eyes.

but the main reason as to why this one is an essential thirst watch (much like The Lighthouse) is so that you have cold hard evidence when people (men) dare to brush rob's acting abilities off, scoff at the idea of him ever amounting to anything more than just a sparkly vampire sex object (which is actually a very cool thing to be?). hopefully this will change once The Batman comes out, but until then, that’s when you say “have you seen his performance in Good Time? it’s streaming for free on kanopy with a library card.” problem here is they usually don’t have a library card because they don't know how to read, so you tell them it’s on netflix. no excuses there 😈

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