Little Ashes ★★½

The Official ROBsessed Thirst-Watching Guide

the spanish government funded this movie in which robert pattinson as salvador dali (?!) jacks off on the floor while making eye contract with his crush, the poet federico garcía lorca, as lorca is mid-coital with a woman. why can't US propaganda be more like THIS

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✩ -- definitely an important watch for the ROBsessed, especially considering it came out the same year as Twilight! skippable for... anyone else, really! :) but for us heroes, there's quite a bit of crucial content: he does some silly dances, has some gay sex, doesn't have any straight sex, dresses like a bisexual college art student with terf bangs, attempts a terrible spanish accent then gives up halfway through ... all-around fascinating stuff. kinda surprised we don't talk about this one's place in the pattinson canon more often? that all changes right here, right now

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