Rocketman ★★★½

rocketman is at its best when embracing its own fantastical ridiculousness, at its worst when mimicking every other music biopic. the saturday night’s alright and honky cat song + dance numbers gave me a very specific elated thrill i hadn’t felt since mamma mia! here we go again. the smash cut of an asshole manager saying “you’ll never be successful!!” to a montage of newspaper headlines touting their success gave me a very specific fatigued apathy i hadn’t felt since bohemian rhapsody.

it’s frustrating how rocketman is so close to being Great, but ultimately deigns to hover around Good. which is still, by definition, Good! :) i’m not gonna act like i haven’t been constantly blasting the soundtrack, even if it’s partly just so i can briefly listen to richard madden sing!!

(but can we at least all agree that the casting of bryce dallas howard as elton’s mom was a weird choice? what the HELL was that)

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