The Nest ★★★★

carrie coon and jude law. CARRIE COON and jude law. carrie coon and JUDE LAW. CARRIE COON AND JUDE LAW!!!!!!!

so many dramas about upper-class families on the verge of collapse, of frustrated housewives and lying husbands, but what elevates The Nest above its oft-stagnant sub-genre is that the doomed couple in question is CARRIE COON AND JUDE LAW. it's blonde-on-blonde emotional violence of the highest caliber, fermenting within the stone walls of their frigid manor, the antithesis of homey comfort. carrie coon is on her gena rowlands shit. jude law is on his Closer (2004) shit. i'm on my Don't Let The Academy Ignore Them shit

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