War of the Worlds ★★★

so close to being “pretty good!” this was one of the first sci-fi horrors i was ever allowed to watch and as a 10 year old with a panic disorder i loved it — it really hit home to see a girl my age struggling with the same thing. 

i do maintain that the first half is as good as i remember, but around the midpoint the story slows way tf down and it dissolves into some Casual Propaganda. clearly a post-9/11 piece and in a bad way — military portrayed as heroic good guys instead of the foot soldiers of oppression they are — no thank you! the national guard trucks were real and clearly loaned in exchange for a squeaky clean portrayal! personally i think this is a greater crime than the infamous ending, which i won’t discuss due to spoilers, but just know that i don’t hate it! 

also i remember the part in the beginning where dakota fanning watches spongebob as MIND-BLOWING when i was 10. i was like THEY CAN DO THAT????? spongebob in war of the worlds was MY avengers

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