The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★★★★

STORY TIME CONTINUED!! After watching Howl’s Moving Castle, Lauren and I went to this Korean restaurant near Leicester Square (so nice, called Yori, y’all should check it), had some 10/10 Korean food, and a waiter was telling us that the whole Parasite crew was there one night post-lockdown, and there’s a photo of THE dilf himself Song Kang-Ho outside the restaurant on the wall.

With a belly full of yummy Korean food, I made my way over to the Prince Charles Cinema, an independent cinema that always has a killer schedule of movies, and watched undoubtedly one of the best films OF ALL TIME! It was funnier than I remembered, I don’t really remember laughing at all on my first watch, but I did laugh quite a few times this watch, I’m not saying it’s a comedy but there are funny moments. The Handmaiden is just incredible.

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