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  • Foxes



    I usually like Adrien Lyne's soft focus aesthetic. In this case. Could have used a bit more focus, know what I mean?

  • Raw Courage

    Raw Courage


    A damning tale about the perils of physical exercise.

    Throw Mad Max and Deliverance together, add a dash of Hal Ashby Americana and you have Raw Courage. A passion project starring and produced by Ronny Cox, co-scripted with his wife and high school sweetheart since they were both 14 (cute!) Mary Cox. Clearly he was wrestling with some serious demons involving responsibility, fatherhood, and his own masculinity here and managed to channel them into a bizarre little grindhouse thriller.


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  • Avatar



    I was sick today and needed something that I could throw on while lying half conscious on the couch. Figured it was a perfect opportunity to test out a little social experiment I call "does Avatar still exist?". Turns out yup! It's still here along with its papyrus subs, Fern Gully similarities, and whatever else people used to have a great time making fun of it for.

    I haven't watched this since I got stoned and saw it in IMAX…

  • Tenet



    You know that feeling when you're in a work meeting and you realize you don't really care what the director of finance or whoever is holding the meeting has to say so you just sit there pretending like you're engaged but after a while you get shifty and start looking around to try and make eye contact with any friends you have in the room and realize you don't even really like anyone at your office and even though they…