Avengers: Infinity War ★★★

You know when you walk into a test and talk to your friend about preparing for it and ask him what he studied. Then he mentions chapter 4 and you totally forgot about chapter 4 and didn't think it mattered but then it turns out that chapter 4 is the most important and so you get your friend to explain it really quickly before the test and it really wasn't helpful even though he made the best explanation possible.

That is what happened to me before walking into this movie. I was confident and then I was not.

Regardless, here are my thoughts:

Damn, there is actually so much dialogue and super close ups its crazy. The real feat here is the pacing and rhythm of everything going on in this film. There is some Arrested Development jumping around and they do it so well. Felt good about most of the characters and its so fascinating that because of the Marvel world, they don't have to do any character development. The focus was so well put on working on these relationships between characters and I applaud them for it.

Noticed some cgi glitches and I found it funny. Also, the humor felt like it fell pretty flat with this one. Some really odd references, but also that's what you get with such a large cast, not everyone gets to be funny at the party.

Can't decide if this movie make me feel happy about hollywood or sad. What a time to be alive. Go see it.

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