Batman ★★★

JB’s rating: 6.5/10
“Started at a 7. Jack Nicholson was too goofy.”

Mixed feelings across the board, but I’ll say with certainty that nothing can top Danny Elfman’s score or the ginormous Gotham set in Burton’s Batman. And all the gadgets! Love it.

Batman (1989) introduced the modern superhero movie (to my understanding) and deserves credit for that. I guess my biggest issue is the plot, which is largely dedicated to thirsting after women — particularly, Kim Bassinger’s Vicky Vale, who is honestly pretty bland.

But of course any character looks bland next to Nicholson’s Joker. Even there though, his colorful persona turns to questionable kitsch often. Nothing is as painful, however, as the horrible Prince museum number or every second Robert Wuhl is onscreen.

Of course, I have zero nostalgia for 80’s Batman. I am a little shocked that most of Burton’s goofier efforts didn’t work for me, being a huge B-movie fan, but it’s loads more fun and true to form than DC has been in nearly a decade.

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