The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

I’m finally old enough to not fully understand people younger than me and I think that’s because there’s a specific speed and frequency to current youth/pop culture that just goes around me, and I really do feel like this movie taps into that specific flavor. It also uses modern internet meme culture and the technology that drives it to highlight the disconnect between generations. To tie all this together, I as a father can relate to the dad in this (not totally but I get the distress he experiences) and the alienation he feels with his college bound daughter, but I think they also do a great job of making the daughter’s situation understandable and relatable as well. They show the awkwardness between generations without picking one over the other or pitting them against each other. It really is a surprisingly sweet and well made movie that isn’t nearly as loud and abrasive as any animated movie not made by Pixar. There’s also an almost Black Mirror “our relationship with technology is killing us” vibe that will keep adults invested while younger folks can laugh at the mile-a-minute social media/meme derived jokes. Strong recommendation if you’re looking for a good movie fir family time. 

Watched on Netflix

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