Zola ★★★★½

y’all wanna hear a story about how I was on Twitter minding my business, saw a crazy story going viral, and decided to screenshot and archive it on imgur?
nearly 6 years since that fateful night on October 27th 2015 when I made my greatest contribution to the internet archive the universe conspired for me to move to NYC on the exact day of the Zola NYC premiere and Janicza Bravo is such a fucking G that she specifically had A24 reach out and offer me tickets without even knowing if I could make it.

I got emotional at some point in the middle of the screening Just thinking of what it would have looked and felt like in different hands. Janicza Bravo is the real fucking deal and her direction of this film is truly something special. Jeremy O. Harris killed the script. And it’s so beautiful that Zola herself EP’d.

Such an insane, head-spinning moment at the after party when I finally got the nerve to tap Janicza and stumble over some words about screenshots and Imgur albums.. but she knew who I was right away. I’ve never got to gush over a film of this caliber directly to the filmmakers before so I really made it my moment. Janicza, Jeremy, and Zola were so sweet and I gotta say I had one of the all time best first days in NYC.

Please go see this movie, it’s something special. I genuinely think some of Janicza’s choices are so genius that it may go over heads, but give it a shot.

And if you’re curious, here’s my original Imgur album archive of Zola’s story that has served as the ONLY full archive of the story since that very day.



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