Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette ★★★★★

Sofia Coppola gets me deep down, on a fundamental level that speaks to the innermost part of my being. Sofia Coppola movies at their core are about being so alone in a world where everything shouldn’t be so lonely. Marie Antoinette, perhaps better than any of her other movies, really drives that point home. 

We see Marie try and fail several times to create her own happiness. Her husband doesn’t love her, her court talks shit all day, and her mother thinks she’s a disappointment. So she spends. And has an affair. Pampers her daughter. Creates a heaven for the few in her court that she does trust. We, and those select few, see her for what she is: a girl who doesn’t want to be in her marriage, her house, her country; Marie Antoinette is someone who seeks liberation from the eighteenth century confines of gender politics and marriage. 

She’s misunderstood, happy on her own terms and sad on anyone else’s - coupled with a soundtrack that would make my middle school self swoon, touched with Sofia Coppola’s sun kissed aesthetic - yeah, I’m her biggest fan.

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