• Il Divo

    Il Divo


    Servillo plays Andreotti with this almost Nosferstu like creep and slink and it’s remarkably unsettling. Sorrentino’s films fly by, fleetfooted and spry and with this often surprising lightness of touch - considering the subject matter. The opening of Il Divo involves a hell of lot of killing and it plays with this energy, wit and verve, and spark that veers dangerously close to something almost joyous. Sorrentino plays with that line between good/evil right/wrong so beautifully, so subtly, he draws…

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Creature from the Black Lagoon


    Great. Taut, well acted, well shot, empathetic, horny. What more do you want?

  • Targets



    Really solid, spare, efficient thriller. Feels like two separate movies slowly crashing into each other - two strands telling their own stories before being linked through a violent, thrilling finale. 

    Karloff is great.

  • Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

    Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard


    Emptyheaded, pure shite, nothing of a movie. But that’s the way I likes em.

  • Along Came a Spider

    Along Came a Spider


    FaIrly pedestrian, standard catch the bad guy thriller. But it’s almost always fun watching Morgan.

  • Encanto



    This has become the two-year olds favourite and it’s hard to not fall in love with something that gives her such joy.

  • In the Line of Fire

    In the Line of Fire

    Thank Christ for Malkovich because otherwise this is fairly dire.

  • Headshot



    I love how Timo isn’t afraid to move his camera, dancing, reacting to the violence as if part of the fight, or rumbling as fury takes hold. It works to make you feel unable to escape from the movement and emotion and physicality happening in screen. 

    I love Ishmael and Ailin, their quiet, gentle romantic interludes the first half of the picture working as release points in an almost constant build up of tension. The final scene, as Ishmael commits…

  • RoboCop



    From this in 1987 to Hollow Man in 2000 Verhoeven had a run of either straight up classics or infamously notorious shit heaps. And really, that’s a career you want. 

    The scene where Murphy is turned into RoboCop before being revived is an absolute knock-out, and a fairly horrifying representation of corporate greed. 

    The most ridiculous thing about Verhoeven movies is that think about them for more than two minutes, and they aren’t remotely ridiculous.

  • Battles Without Honor and Humanity

    Battles Without Honor and Humanity


    Somehow, after all this time, I've never once watched a DVD commentary track. Something that I've either never thought I had the time for, because why not just watch the picture, or because I was never quite sure what the point was. My own ignorance.

    As part of the Blu-Ray Arrow Films collection of the entire BWHOH saga, part one has a commentary by film historian, and Japanese Cinemaman Stuart Galbraith. Much less a watch party with the stars or…

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    The names Bond, Emotional as Fuck Bond. Craigs got a great skip to his step when he’s retired. Felix Leiter through Armas through to the brothers in arms saying goodbye was great. The bit after that was a bit saggy. Malik was fine as a pretty shit villain. Knock out final 10 minutes. Au revoir Daniel.

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


    A fairly impeccable thriller.