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  • Dead of Night

    Dead of Night


    I can’t believe this was from 1945 because it felt like so far beyond its time — It was giving me 1960’s because it reminded me of Twilight Zone episodes or Carnival of Souls (which I both love).

    This anthology series is so strong because every story is solid and the wraparound is perfectly consistent with the rest of the atmosphere. And that atmosphere is uncomfortable and eerie. I love it.

    My favorite story was easily the final one with…

  • The Servant

    The Servant


    Ok this was amazing?? There’s no real mystery to where this story is going but how it got there was excellent. Flawless performances from Dirk Bogarde and James Fox, who’s chemistry was so natural.

    This movie was so well lit and beautiful it easily keeps you captivated even though it’s almost two hours and black & white (which I mean I like b&w and king movies but I know that’s not everyone’s thing). Overall it just worked so well for me, I love stories like this that are realistic but just slightly unhinged enough it makes for great cinema.

    P.S. fuck Susan for being a classist snob.

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  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    Halloween Kills is cheesy, campy, violent fun so of course you know I loved it. Just as Halloween 2 followed Halloween (1978) on the same night, Halloween Kills picks up right were Halloween (2018) left off and god it was better than the last one. I actually wasn’t impressed with 2018 Halloween so I went I just hoping this would be better and it exceeded my expectations.

    The opening credits paying homage to the 1978’s credits was beautiful. There’s a Jim…

  • Halloween



    John Carpenter really did the damn thing in 1978. I always forget how good this movie is. The atmosphere is so perfect. The movie radiates the best energy: vaguely 70’s, crunchy leaf-Autumn, a sleepy town. The title card is so perfectly curated with the iconic jack-o-lantern and iconic font.

    The score is iconic and we all know it. But what I love about this film is the amount of background silence in the scenes. You can feel how quiet it is…