The Sugarland Express

The Sugarland Express ★★

After a very shaky first half, things settle down (almost) in the latter stages of the film but certain things cannot be avoided.

Atherton and Hawn have zero chemistry and are both miscast. Hawn screeches her way through the film to the point that you wish she'd get shot. Williams' harmonica heavy score (which bizarrely plagiarises "The 12 Days of Christmas" quite blatantly) is patronising and wildly irritating. Most of the supporting cast mumble their way incoherently through the proceedings and there's stupidity and cavalier preposterousness on clear display from both sides of this crime escalation tale, that doesn't hold a candle to "Dog Day Afternoon".

Also - I can't recall so many cars driving unnecessarily and with such great haste into ditches, rivers and each other before.

Very nice cinematography though.