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  • Karate Class Exposure: Three Variations

    Karate Class Exposure: Three Variations


    I feel like I'm in a cemetery and all the tombstones have Paul Sharits' portrait in a 1:66 aspect ratio taped to the marble. I mean this complementarily.

  • Honey Moccasin

    Honey Moccasin


    Whacked trans Rez cabaret, why not?

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  • The Merchant of Four Seasons

    The Merchant of Four Seasons


    I don't believe anyone has the right to comment on this film with any possibility of authority unless that person realizes (even if hidden from view) that he or she is a pig. Me, I'm something of a pig, but unfortunately don't have any faith that anything I say will help us out of our universal barnyard predicament, but I can recommend this film very highly to those who think too much, take long walks alone through the city parks,…

  • Wake in Fright

    Wake in Fright


    A behemoth. A mythic tale of almost endless interpretation and catalyst for thought. Perhaps a primer for what makes males tick down deep--somewhere primal, ruthless and untiringly perverse from our addiction to the genetic brotherhood's range of violence. Gentlemen, I offer you your peers; ladies, your fiancés.

    It isn't only Doc Tydon's "man in a smoking jacket, whiskey and soda," who succumbs to the affectability of progressive civilization, all the while hypocritically rationalizing his deepest and oldest demons--what John Donne…