Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan ★★★★

So one day I was just scrolling through letterboxd and couldnt help but notice my dear friend Harle hyping a film up. I didnt know what she was talking about but I liked the energy and couldnt help but notice this film on her feed several times. I remembered I had seen the dictator which I found scandalous but couldnt help but laugh. And she INSISTED that I should watch this so I did....

Idk where to even start because I didnt know what I was watching. What this movie does is that it doesnt follow any rules. There are no boundaries that this movie gives a shit about knowing all the risks and the controversy that an audience can pick up and do you know what I think of that? I THINK IT'S FUCKING GENIUS. I love it when movies take risks and this is what the movie does. It takes a risk not even one. Hundreds of risks to a point where my mouth was open at the shock that IT ACTUALLY DID THAT?! (Especially that fucking hotel room scene that's gonna have me scarred for life. THANKS HARLE!🙄)

The jokes are brilliant and some of them did make me uncomfortable however most of what I felt uncomfortable was quickly snatched by Sacha's quirky energy. What first made Borat feel relatable was adjusting to a new country because I have experienced that, so I could relate to that. However as a character Borat is very well written. He is just that guy in the street who wants to vibe. You know... that's nice of him.🤷🏻‍♂️

Anyways thanks for this traumatizing experience Harle🙄

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