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This review may contain spoilers.

Watching the end of this film is so fucking important and the fact it came out during these events makes this movie so fucking important because #BLACKLIVESFUCKINGMATTERBITCH remember that! 🤫 Click Here it's an email already prepared just put your name and send it to the government. Let your voice be heard. Please!

My expectations were high BUT HOLY FUCK this movie was a serve! Amazing cinematography. Amazing acting. Amazing symbolical people. Amazing storyline. Even if it was long I was never bored! And yall know I hate war movies!

The part where Eddie blew up literally fucking made me jump I didnt see it fucking coming. When paul died I kinda felt bad cause I was hating him but when he popped that fucking monologue towards the camera. My fucking mind blew the fuck up! It made me sad how money/gold tore their friendship apart. But that's how it happens in the real word. Okay but the PTSD was so realistic and I'm so glad we got a perspective from the african american community as they had it worse than the white people, as they had to do most of the cleaning up and risk their lives while white people just watched and when it was their turn they had to finish the scraps and fuck up hella bad in the end.

holy shit this movie was a fucking masterpiece! Not to mention that scenery reminded me of Rambo too!

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