Scream ★★★★★

If there is a film that you watch once, only once and it stays in your mind for the rest of your life? It is THIS movie.

This movie changed the horror genre ever since it's debut. Wes Craven was a master of horror. He blended old ideas to give us something fresh that completely changed slasher and the horror genre all together. But also paying tribute to classics like the Mist, Halloween etc etc. Giving us one of the most iconic killers. Which if you havent seen this movie or know the twist you will have no idea who the killer is. You dont even need to watch this movie to know who ghost face is.

The way Craven blended horror and comedy is beyond genius. The plot twist even if you know the surprise of the reveal It will still shock you. That's how much influence this movie has. The cast is beyond amazing. Never and Courtney do carry the movie. Neve showing us how SHE IS THE SUPREME OF FINAL GIRLS. She really did that. I dont really have much to say that hasnt been said already. It's just an iconic movie. I dont remember the others that well so I'm due for a marathon but I do remember hating the 4th one for some reason

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