Villains ★★★★½

 yes!! this is how you make a horror comedy!!!

omg I had so much fun with this!!! what a ride
this is a veryyy intelligent film! has a perfect harmony between the comedy, drama and action... the plot was genuine and the script was so connected that is almost flawless!
I can't believe how freaking likable the main characters are I absolutely enjoyed every second of it, It's good old twisted and crazy

sincerely for me, was one of those movies that while I was watching it felt like I was controlling the characters on their actions (in a good way) was not like any typical horror/comedy when the characters are just going around silly and making stupid decisions that will end in the death of someone or their own 

maika monroe and bill skarsgard are so great together, two of the absolute best modern in existence DONT SLEEP!  I don't wanna even remotely slightly spoil this smart chaotic movie so I will just say a few things, this is a great movie and the editing is one of the best things 

I will probably end up rewatching this when my friends come over, cuz it was so much fun

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