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  • Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

    Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade


    Similar to Korean movies like Kim Ki Duk's 'Adress Unknown' or 'The Coast Guard' with that haunting atmosphere, creating a desolated and cold world that seems to be forgotten and away of god's glance, suspictions and plots between police, miltary forces, spies, etc. Also with the dehumanization of those who are suposed to protect the civilians.

    It has a great animation, music, and interesting things as its pace and how it relates the story with the little red riding hood tale. But in the end it doesn't achieve to explore to the best all the subjects and story it raised.

  • Blue Velvet: The Lost Footage

    Blue Velvet: The Lost Footage


    With Blue Velvet deleted scenes Lynch made a better movie than many others, not even joking.

    This one is more centered in the university life of Jeffrey and his family life. Like a cheesy american highschool movie but without being cheesy because of that strange and weird way of showing his family and entourage (Lynch has a great understanding of how people behave).

    In general it's not outstanding, you could understand why some moments were not included, but the end...…

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