Edge of Tomorrow ★★★½

Edge of Tomorrow has an interesting premise, showing heavy influences from cult classic Groundhog Day. The humor is clever and always present, the action sequences are quite well orchestrated and unlike most of Tom Cruise's recent roles, his character isn't the typical action hero you are familiar with. Emily Blunt has a strong screen presence and effortlessly dominates all the fight scenes while also maintaining a mysterious past under her tough appearance. She's definitely proving to be a versatile actress. At times, I felt that Doug Liman borrowed too much from Groundhog Day in terms of the presentation of the comedic elements and the “trial and error” style of storytelling . However, the addition of the alien invasion made it a fun and refreshing sci-fi flick. The ending will probably divide audiences and it just seemed uninspiring to me as I believe it could have been way more audacious. While originality isn't Edge of Tomorrow's strongest suit, it compensates in execution, delivering solid entertainment value.

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