Ex Machina

Ex Machina ★★★★½

Ex Machina represents the amalgamation of everything I admire in sci-fi films that focus on Artificial Intelligence: the constant interplay between man and machine, the journey into the unknown, moral dilemmas that are brought upon the creation of A.I., astounding visuals to make it feel very realistic and a story filled with ambiguity and mystery. Alex Garland’s directorial debut might be more of a feast for the senses than a truly cerebral experience, but it is done with excellence in every regard. You just feel the tension growing throughout the film until its memorable climax and Garland also adds plenty of humor, which works like a charm here. Ex Machina has just become one of my favorite films of all time and I urge you all to embark on this beautiful, unpredictable, thought provoking and suspenseful journey!

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