Safety Not Guaranteed ★★★★★

Wow, what a great blend of comedy, romance and sci-fi all in one film! I was really impressed by how Safety Not Guaranteed manages to be consistently funny throughout a good portion of the movie, showing the eccentric relationship between a young intern of a magazine company and the man who plans to go back in time. I was just very into the basic premise, which keeps you intrigued by how his mission will turn out in the end, making the film quite engaging at all times. Safety Not Guaranteed also works well as a romance because it's about taking risks and relying on your partner.

Finally, it's a remarkable work as a science fiction since the whole plot surrounds the idea of time traveling. Without spoiling anything about the climatic ending, I have to say that it was very memorable for me as it makes you ponder about what really happened. There can be many scenarios and different perspectives of the ending and that's the beauty of it. Highly recommended!

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