The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

After the rewatch, I think I can fully highlight my favorite parts of the film:

- This film is Thelma Schoonmaker's masterpiece as much as it is Scorsese's. A masterclass in editing.

- Robert Deniro's most powerful and layered performance to date.

- Joe Pesci is outstanding and so fucking subtle so that he doesn't take away from the two main attractions, Deniro and Pacino. And the fact that he can balance that role is a monument to his fucking prowess in acting

- At so many moments in the film, you realize that Scorsese's career lead up to this. Every film and every event culminated in The Irishman. While maybe not my favorite film of his. It's definitely his magnum opus.

- I've seen the film twice in theaters with no breaks and not for a moment did I feel bored or tired.

- The final shot of the film is possibly my favorite final shot of all-time

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