Before Sunset ★★★★★

How on earth was this one hour and twenty minutes long? Time really does fly when you’re having fun :((

Their conversations were so naturally paced as was Sunrise but I’m more dumbfounded about the fact that they managed to get back to their rhythm of natural-flowing conversation after almost a decade apart. Makes me wanna believe that such a connection exists and that finding that once-in-a-lifetime partner is worth all that risk of uncertainty and paranoia. It’s a beautiful sentiment. This film isn’t about anything emotionally heavy, (which I appreciate even after watching Celine’s personal meltdown), but it’s about the reunion between two people after a brief encounter that happened nine years ago. You kinda know that there’s a leftover spark but absolutely nothing is sugarcoated, not a cliche romantic trope on sight. It simply gets you to hold onto the hope that it’ll last forever between these two but at the same time you already know it’s too late (in some bittersweet way). I hate this trilogy for making me believe that love is real and worth fighting for :(

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