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  • American Graffiti

    American Graffiti


    The amount of joy this film provided me was overwhelming. Every once in a while you watch something that feels tailor-made for you and this was it. One crazy night. Check. Magical late night vibes. Check. Coming of age. Check. Late ‘50s/early ‘60s soundtrack. Check. I honestly tried to pick my favorite subplot from all the characters but I couldn’t. I loved them all. It’s impossible not to have a smile on your face during every scene. Watching American…

  • Night on Earth

    Night on Earth


    Night time. When our minds start racing and our vulnerability becomes more evident. Night on Earth had two things that captured my heart: Winona Ryder and self-contained stories that take place over one evening. The use of a taxi cab across the globe was genius. These encounters are so brief yet for a moment in time, everything slows down to where you can share an experience with a stranger. There aren’t any life lessons to be had, but maybe…

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  • Race with the Devil

    Race with the Devil


    This movie had me at satanic cultists wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, the actual occult angle is seen in only two scenes. What a letdown. That’s not the sole reason for the thumbs down. The movie itself doesn’t really provide you with much of anything. We get a human sacrifice and tense chase scene towards the beginning and then a whole lot of nothing until the final 15 minutes. There’s a snake fiasco in the main characters’ RV and that’s about…

  • Coming to America

    Coming to America


    Super smart script that absolutely takes this to another level. Genuinely laugh out loud throughout. Good messaging about loving someone for who they are. Eddie Murphy is extremely charming and Arsenio Hall plays the sidekick to a T. Coming to America is a classic comedy so there’s not much I can add to the conversation. I’m embarrassed that this is the first movie from Murphy’s 80’s run that I’ve seen. I’ll sure be changing that. 

    “Good morning, my neighbors!”
    “Hey, fuck you!”
    “Yes! Yes! Fuck you too!”

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  • The Cat

    The Cat


    “A cat from outer space teams up with a young girl and an old man to fight a murderous alien that possesses people.”

    I could just leave it at that with my thumbs up and let you do the rest. However, I must talk about it. To start, shoutout to @Bob McCully for bringing this movie to my attention. The Cat blends science fiction, horror and action into a totally asinine package. It takes way too long to understand…

  • Into the Wild

    Into the Wild


    A visually stunning spiritual quest. I really admire the philosophy behind Christopher’s trek, but it is flawed and results in a great tragedy. One can’t help but feel like removing themselves from the material world and taking in the true beauty around us. The thing to understand is that you have to find a balance. As much as Christopher left an impression on all those he encountered, it is he who really needed to take the advice. He’s a…