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  • Have You Seen Andy?

    Have You Seen Andy?


    Standard mid-00s HBO true crime doc.

    I really object to including the Wayne Chapman audio and broadcasting it. Reasonable minds and all but it was not probative and was included for gawking purposes. Don't think including it was malicious, but it was misguided.

  • The Mystery of D.B. Cooper

    The Mystery of D.B. Cooper


    Big ups to Barb.

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    Stunned at how bad this was and how much time was spent litigating why Baby has earbuds in his ears and "wutzzee lissenin to?!" over and over and over and over WHY ARE WE NOT IN A FUCKING CAR HAVING A CAR CHASE.

    This was a *bad* movie. Bad.

    The characters were non-existent, and not in the way that an action movie will give blank slates to project onto, or simply rely on a classic "type" and the audience fills…

  • Now You See Me

    Now You See Me


    Hold on how does Dave Franco just turn into Jason Bourne there when the cops corner him?

    So big and so dumb but I'm sittin' over here, I'm entertained. I had so much fun rolling my eyes. The "Eye"! The Eye??!??! Aye yai yai. Top shelf pop nonsense.

    Eisenberg and Harrelson are really funny, too.

    I mean I'll never recommend it in public lol but here I am entertained.

    (Fly in the ointment: goes out of its way, in a small handful of instances, to be pretty chauvinistic)