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  • Don Jon

    Don Jon

    A movie that banks far too much on the attractiveness of the cast and far too little on a topic that would have benefited from a deeper examination. The public loves an explanation, sure, but did this movie really need to have one? In the end, it felt vapid.

  • Gravity


    Back when Dennis Hopper was still almost interesting, he made a movie called "Speed"that assured he would never be interesting again.
    This is that same movie, but in SPACE! And SLOW!

  • Frozen


    It's one of those movies, that had it been made in the mid-90's would have been voiced by Cuba Gooding Jr. It wasn't made in the 90s. It is distressingly bereft of Cuba Gooding Jr. You might disagree, but you would be wrong.
    Overall, this is a Disney princess movie secretly marketed to boys. Disguised, really, to sell more tickets. I find the marketing more distasteful than the movie.