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  • Joy



    Despite the producers ongoing desire to make me dislike every movie he has ever made before said film ends, I still find that his actors transcend his bs.
    I liked this film, right up until the end, and still I liked it.

  • Elysium


    South African accents are really interesting.
    Having said that, I saw this movie twice, a rare thing for me.
    The reason I saw it twice is I simply could not figure out if I loved it or hated it. I ended up a bit apathetic about it in the end. It has its moments, but its flaws *almost* outweigh them.

  • American Hustle

    American Hustle

    This movie would have benefited from a director whose only goal wasn't to get me to stop watching this film.
    It's an OK movie that could have been amazing, but was instead right on the edge of being unwatchable save for the performances of the (one assumes) very expensive and talented cast.

  • In a World...

    In a World...


    I avoided this movie because it seemed like it was gonna be one of those movies that has a star named Piper in it. It was better than that. Interestingly features the longest shot of a bald hairy person making strange noises in a sauna I have ever seen.