Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry ★★★★★

Little info, big power. This film is proof to disprove people who think they need to feed the audience everything to make a good film. The whole film is shot from the driver and passenger sides of the car while Mr. Badii(Homayoun Ershadi) drivers around looking for someone to burry his dead body under a cherry tree after he commits suicide.

Taste of Cherry carries so much poignancy you sit and listen to the conversations that take place in Mr. Badii’s car. Kiarostami gives you little to no information about Mr. Badii. He’s separating the audience from emotional connection with the main character letting the audience just take in the isolation and philosophical ideas of life(the moving monologue about suicide and being saved by mulberries).

Taking time to think about the ending, I say it’s brilliant. The last scene in the film is behind the scenes footage of Taste of Cherry. Kiarostami leaves the audience with the reminder that it’s only a film and not real life.

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