Tai Ree

Every night before bed I thoroughly check my ceilings for Toni Collette.
Every time I log Midsommar or Jurassic Park, take a shot.

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  • Hunter Hunter

    Hunter Hunter


    Well now... That’s a setup and payoff done just right.

    Hunter Hunter’s strongest suit is in its editing, pacing, and use of music, making for a suspenseful viewing that’s just downright painful, biting into your nerves with the force a bear trap in spite of a plot that’s 90% predictable and filled with “why the hell would anybody do that?”. Despite making the predictable suspenseful, not all of it is fun, with quite a few scenes boiling down to “okay, we…

  • Terror of Mechagodzilla

    Terror of Mechagodzilla


    Ishiro Honda saw what ToHo was doing with his 164 foot tall irradiated reptilian baby and disliked it so much, he came out of retirement to show them how Godzilla movies were made. The final entry of the Showa era sends the series out with a bang. In my (likely wrong) opinion, out of the Showa era, it’s second only to the original Gojira.

    Honda takes Godzilla back to basics, having the film revolve around a solid narrative theme that harkins…

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  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    The most surprising thing about this film is that the dramatic element greatly outshines the comedy.

    The comedy never really strays too far from the surface level “look at how dumb the Nazi’s were” coated with Taika Waititi’s comedic scent, which is entertaining, but not as strong as we’ve previously seen from him. Waititi’s Hitler character turns out to be nothing more than a marketing hook, not really fitting into the narrative so well. At best, he’s an entertaining distraction,…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    There’s enchantment in the farts