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  • Cruising


    The forced leather daddyfication of Al Pacino. A very silly movie at the end of the day. William Friedkin was the archetypal edgelord, you can just see him behind the camera in some scenes thinking to himself "this will really shock the people hahaha!" There's some provocative stuff here regarding gender and society and queer desire, etc... of course but it all gets boiled down into a weird stew of equating sex with the death drive, which seems like psychoanalysis…

  • Violent Cop

    Violent Cop


    1980s Japan was just the coolest. Kitano's style veers from walking around the city with slow jazz playing to intense, kinetic violence at the drop of a hat. Nihilistic, hyper-stylized, and quiet. No redemption, just nemesis over and over again. Hall of fame debut from one of the greatest living filmmakers

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  • Can't Get You Out of My Head

    Can't Get You Out of My Head

    Empire is a hell of a drug.
    This latest series from Adam Curtis is at turns equally frustrating and stimulating, a monumental summing up of themes and ideas that he has been grappling with over the last fifteen years, with all the attendant insights and problems compounded. First, the good: I wholeheartedly consider this to be essential viewing and will likely be annoying many of my friends by pressing them to watch it as soon as possible. Curtis is one…

  • Chernobyl


    Lots of conflicted and scattered thoughts about this one.

    - It is wild as hell to watch this post-covid. The series is predicated on the problem of Soviet corruption and decline of truth, extrapolated into a broader moral argument, implicitly contrasted with democracy and openness, aka the West. And then six months after the series premiered a pandemic hit that has killed 600,000 people in the U.S. because the government failed on all fronts and lied to its citizens. Far…